Space & Process produces storytelling content that explores the spaces, thoughts and processes of makers, creative practitioners and producers. Curious about passionate people and businesses dedicated to their craft, we shine a 'behind-the-scenes' light on whatever that may be. 

We publish occasional long-form stories, and work closely with clients to produce sharable content packages.

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Our Beginning

Welcome! We are Jo Hoban, a writer/editor, and Mindi Cooke, a photographer, both based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. We regularly work together contributing content to various publications, including well-known Australian blog, The Design Files. We often feel that we'd like to share more detailed accounts of the inspiring folk we visit, and that with our content's focus on Brisbane and its surrounding regions, it would make sense for us to publish these longer-form stories on their own site. So we've created Space & Process for those seeking local, creative lifestyle content with a nuanced approach.

'Space' represents the physical work spaces and mental 'headspace' of the people we meet, while 'Process' represents both the process involved in their work and the details of their creative journey.

“We love documenting and sharing our experiences as we meet and learn from some of the intriguing characters that colour south-east Queensland and its surrounding regions. Sometimes we'll explore further afield too!"

Jo Hoban

Jo is a professional writer and editor who enjoys collaborating to create inspiring content. She is particularly interested in ideas that explore creativity, art, design and nature. Jo has a keen interest in ceramics and spends time making when she can. 

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Mindi Cooke

Mindi Cooke is an experienced food, interiors and lifestyle photographer. Her work is bright, balanced and contemporary. Mindi particularly enjoys the opportunity to photograph people at ease in their well-trod spaces, doing the work they're passionate about. 

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Lou Liddiard-Imeson is a visual content specialist with over 15 years' experience. She is super organised and works well with others. She likes podcasts, baking bread, life drawing, Thai food, and is a newly minted Brisbanite.

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Lou Liddiard-Imeson


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